Unique RWAs

Unique RWAs

Real World Assets (“ Unique RWAs”) are assets that exist off-chain but are tokenized and brought on-chain to be used within DeFi. To put it simply, Planet ReFi is bringing RWAs into Defi by converting the monetary value of our Unique RWAs into our $PLANET token so that their value can be represented and transacted on the blockchain. For a more comprehensive understanding of RWAs, please feel free to read this report by Binance:


With a vision to drive impact, sustainability, and community engagement, Planet ReFi is revolutionizing the way we address global issues. Through strategic partnerships with influential personalities, PLANET aims to support various causes and introduce multiple collections of Unique Real World Assets (RWAs) for sale (over the years). Unique RWAs are a major component of our flywheel model and are a driving force for the PLANET Protocol.

By partnering with individuals who have a strong following and a genuine passion for making a difference, PLANET can amplify its message and reach a broader audience. These personalities will act as ambassadors for different causes, leveraging their influence to raise awareness and drive support.

Revenue generated from the sale of RWAs will be directed towards funding the cause itself, ensuring that every purchase contributes directly to making a positive impact.

Token holders of the PLANET ecosystem will enjoy exclusive benefits, further incentivizing community engagement. By holding PLANET tokens, individuals gain access to exclusive discounts and early access to our Unique RWAs. This not only fosters a sense of belonging but also creates a sense of urgency among token holders to actively participate in supporting the causes they care about.

PLANET’s integrated approach holds immense potential for driving positive change at scale. As the world faces pressing challenges, PLANET stands ready to lead the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

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