Income Generation


Income Generation

Up until now income generation, we have talked about our Exclusive NFTs, RWAs (Real World Assets), Mystery Boxes, and Investments to create revenue for Planet ReFi.

Now, let’s talk about the management of the revenue.

The collective efforts outlined above combined with the best AI and Quant-based trading protocols will yield significant returns for the protocol, which will be utilized in a variety of ways to achieve a harmonious balance between commercial viability and a sustainable future. The protocol, through its fund, will invest in ventures working closely towards achieving the 17 SDGs set by the UN.

A portion of the yield will be reinvested in the DAO to expand the pool of resources, further supporting the growth and impact of the protocol.

The majority of the generated yield will be directed toward the distribution of profits to both NFT and PLANET token holders. This distribution serves as a mechanism to foster greater participation and awareness among the community. By sharing the benefits with those who actively contribute to the protocol, we aim to incentivize engagement and create a sense of shared ownership.

This approach ensures that the success from income generation of the protocol is intertwined with the success and well-being of its stakeholders, nurturing a sustainable ecosystem where participants are rewarded and empowered.