Income Distribution to HODLERS

Income Distribution

The PLANET team recognizes the immense contribution and commitment of our $PLANET holders. This mechanism of Income Distribution is built to reward and engage our community, encouraging ongoing participation and creating a sense of shared prosperity.

By providing holders with a steady stream of returns, we aim to ensure their continued engagement and participation in the community. If you’re a $PLANET holder, you can look forward to gaining the benefits of your involvement.

Through community proposals, a strategy will be approved to divide the DAO engine income distribution into various portions, the majority of which would be passed onto the holders.

A carefully designed investment strategy has been put into place to ensure the long-term sustainability of the PLANET DAO. By cultivating a thriving ecosystem of shared prosperity, PLANET aims to build a sustainable future. By rewarding active involvement, strengthening value, and promoting a sense of exclusivity, we create an environment where everyone can flourish.

As the DAO continues to evolve, holders can confidently anticipate a future of shared success, continuous growth, and boundless opportunities.

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