Discounts, Early Access & Exclusive NFT Whitelists


Planet ReFi Utility

$PLANET token holders are at the forefront of digital ownership with exclusive perks. From discounts and exclusive access to NFT whitelists, the PLANET utility community stands at the forefront of digital ownership, unlocking unique opportunities within the dynamic ecosystem.

Real-world assets (RWAs) are a vital component of the Planet ReFi ecosystem, bridging the gap between the traditional financial world and the innovative blockchain realm. $PLANET holders are set to enjoy exclusive discounts when participating in RWA sales, enabling them to invest in real-world assets more effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, the excitement doesn’t end there. Mystery boxes, a thrilling concept in the NFT world, will be made available to PLANET holders at discounted prices.

NFTs have captured the imagination of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide. These unique digital assets have redefined how we perceive ownership and provenance in the digital realm. NFT whitelisting takes this concept one step further, presenting PLANET utility holders with the key to unlock rare and valuable NFTs before they become available to the general public.

PLANET holders find themselves in the centre of this dynamic and evolving market by leveraging discounts, unique access, and NFT whitelisting. PLANET’s wide ties in both the web2 and web3 sectors further boost the benefits for its holders. Collaborations with established businesses give PLANET utility holders unprecedented opportunities and create new channels for involvement, while collaborations inside the web3 area guarantee that the ecosystem stays innovative and forward-thinking.

The combination of these one-of-a-kind options generates an ecosystem advantage, guaranteeing that PLANET holders maximise their participation and realise the benefits of being a part of this changing digital world. PLANET stands ready to lead the way towards a new era of decentralised possibilities as the world embraces the future of digital ownership.