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$PLANET is here to disrupt the $100 Billion Green Tech and Sustainability Market. Our objective is not just to create a sustainable planet, but also to establish a $100 million annual revenue protocol using a business model that allows us to self-sustain, independent of grants or temporary funding. Our goals will be achieved with the same approach that got Amazon flywheel back to its feet in 2001, the Amazon Flywheel model. With the same ethos, Planet Flywheel will fix the broken revenue model in web3. Greatness is a series of choices, and ours is to preserve the planet. Exciting times are coming

The Amazon Flywheel model is a testament to the power of momentum, demonstrating that with every turn of the wheel, we can drive greater value, expand possibilities, and redefine the boundaries of what’s achievable.

The $PLANET model, inspired by the Amazon Flywheel, seeks to apply a similar self-reinforcing cycle to environmental sustainability. With each consistent decision being revealed over a period of time, the PLANET movement will gain speed, creating a powerful momentum for change.

Each element of the $PLANET model feeds into the next, creating a cycle of positive impact.

Our goal with incorporating the $PLANET model is not just to make a difference today but to build a self-sustaining cycle of positive change for the future of our planet. With this model at the core of the #JoinThePlanet movement, we’re not just preserving the planet, we’re creating a blueprint for sustainable revenue in web3. A blueprint that is about building long-term, sustainable solutions that will continue to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Over the next few days, we will take you on a journey to unlock the $PLANET utilities that are to the core of the Amazon Flywheel model.

Our revolutionary partnerships with celebrities and influencers are at the core of our business model. However, the nature of our partnerships will redefine how companies interact with celebrities and influencers. For $PLANET, these partnerships are not just branding exercises. They will be active participants in the revenue generation process. Our partnerships with celebrities are not just geared towards driving social change but are structured to boost revenue and sustain the company, aiming to create a market disruption never seen before.

This is not just a branding exercise, it’s a revolutionary business strategy.

In this rapidly expanding market of green technology and sustainability, $PLANET is poised to make a significant impact. $PLANET is leveraging the power of blockchain technology to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges. By integrating elements of the blockchain, such as cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and NFTs, $PLANET is not just participating in the green tech market; it’s shaping its future.

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