It’s time to fully UNLOCK the Utility Map & Reward our Community! 🌍

We have already unveiled 9 exciting utilities related to the $PLANET project, and now the anticipation has reached its peak. It’s time for the $PLANET community to join us on a quest to UNLOCK the complete utility map. 

Introducing – “PLANET Quest”, where everyone wins & makes a positive impact!

What is the game about Game for IMPACT?

The game for impact includes some multiple-choice questions that will test your knowledge about $PLANET, the #GOAT and more. Answer them correctly, and you will win $PLANET rewards directly in your BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) wallet. 

Once we have 25,000 winners, we will be revealing the FINAL part of the $PLANET Utility Map. 

The game for impact will go live at 1200 UTC, 5th August 2023, and the link will be shared across social media. 

Who is the winner?  EVERYONE WHO FINISHES! 

Everyone who finishes the game for impact will bag from a minimum of 35,000 $PLANET tokens up to 10,000,000 $PLANET in your BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) wallet, based on algorithmic selection. 

But that’s not all 🤯

We also have a special giveaway of 5,000 Mystery Boxes!

  • The first 2,500 winners will win the much anticipated $PLANET Mystery Boxes 🎁 
  • The remaining 2,500 Mystery Boxes will be distributed amongst the winners through algorithmic selection. 

Game For Good? 🤗 🌍🫂

Our mission is to save the planet. For every winner, the PLANET project will be donating 5,000 $PLANET tokens to the Binance charity, ensuring the protocol’s balance between commercial sustainability and social impact:

Do you want more? We have you covered! 

#HODL $PLANET to receive:

To make holding onto the PLANET rewards even more appealing, we’ve lined up a series of incentives:

  • 15-Day Hold: Stay with us for 15 days, and you’ll be entered into a raffle with the chance to win one of 1,000 mystery boxes.
  • 30-Day Hold: Hold onto your rewards for 30 days, and you’re guaranteed a mystery box.
  • 45-Day Hold: Loyalty for 45 days? We’ll guarantee you a first come, first served whitelist (FCFS WL) for the exclusive NFT collection

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